Cadastral surveying

As a state authorised and certified engineering consultant for surveying, DI. Christian Lidl is authorised to perform all survey work in connection with property borders.

  • Establishment and restoration of borders
  • Border negotiations
  • Division and parcelling plans
  • Archiving in the document archive
  • Assessment authorisation at administrative bodies as a basis for entries in the land register
Cadastral surveying


Dipl.-Ing. Christian Lidl (Mondsee)

Executive partner

Engineering consultant for surveying; expert for surveying, appraisal reports and parcelling of land

M: +43 664 5319462

Ing. Florian Wesenauer (Mondsee)

Construction engineer, surveying specialist technician

M: +43 664 5459825

Anita Lugstein-Pölz (Mondsee)

Surveying technician

M: +43 660 1561508

Andreas Rainer (Salzburg)

Surveying specialist technician

M: +43 664 3847958

Hans Peter Falkensteiner (Bad Ischl)

Surveying technician

M: +43 660 5502019