Company history

1991 Office founded by commissioner Dipl. Ing. Otto Mierl in Mondsee
1996 Foundation of the Dipl. Ing. Lidl + Partner GmbH für Vermessungswesen in Wals-Siezenheim
1997 Admission of Dipl. Ing. Christian Lidl and reorganisation of the sole trader company Dipl. Ing. Mierl into the Dipl. Ing. Mierl + Partner ZT OEG
1997-2010 Erection of an office with 14 employees on average
2009 Successful passage of the test for authorised and court-certified expert by DI Lidl in the field of surveying and appraisal reports / parcelling of land
2010 Acquisition of the shares from Dipl. Ing. Mierl by Dipl. Ing. Christian Lidl and fusion of the existing companies into LIDL-ZT GmbH
2012 Foundation of LIDL-Geomatics AS in Norway for the Project „Segement Europehighway E6 Mjøsa-See“
2015 Finalization Project "Europehighway E6“
2015 Takeover of the Surveying Office Schöllhammer in Bad Ischl
2017 Dissolution of LIDL-Geomatics AS in Norway